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Our Mission :

To provide the best quality car servicing, at affordable prices in the most customer-pleasing manner. This will be executed by our handpicked, quality staff who is motivated to remain loyal and happy. The staff is supported by professional financial and management systems.

Our Promise :

We believe that our company skills are the most important characteristic of our brand. It is the glue that keeps all the components together and as a result it will never be sacrificed. We employ for skill firstly and then for 'culture' and it is this philosophy that has made the industry really stand up and take notice of us.

Our Values :

  • We talk with knowledge and we walk with purpose.
  • We under promise and we over deliver to our customers.
  • We tell the truth at all times, even if we have made a mistake.
  • We are honest and do not ever take things that are not our own.
  • We are well-mannered and polite both to customers and to other staff members.
  • We smile, we are friendly and we always have fun. Work is a place we enjoy coming to.
  • Everything around us is clean, tidy and smells fresh.
  • We are ANZA MOTORS and we are proud of it!!

Our staff are selected on the basis of their skills and
customer orientated attitudes.

Anza believes its key success factors are as follows :

  • Having a leader that is traditionally from the car servicing / motor industry.
  • Daily, aggressive, managed direct marketing activity.
  • Production and erection of very bold signage both on the building as well as in other high traffic close to the workshop.
  • Employment of professional, polite mechanics that fully understand and adhere top quality customer service and would never embarrass the ANZA MOTORS brand.
  • Staff are employed not only on the basis of skill but because the match the company culture" that has been created. This 'culture' is sustained through regular company meetings.

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