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  • ANZA MOTORS will first check arrivals against the booking sheet to ensure that we service those cars that have pre-booked before taking work from the 'walk-ins'

  • A Job Card is then completed for each vehicle

  • Relevant personal details are taken

  • All work to be carried out is detailed

  • The mechanic will explain what the standard service includes

  • This will be used as a basis to identify other problems or additional work

  • Cam belt replacement (if necessary) will be explained

  • The latent damage possibilities of vehicles booked in for overheating will be explained

  • The car will be checked for dents and scratches and these will be noted on the Job Card

  • The customer will be asked to sign the Job Card before any work is undertaken

  • The customer then receives a copy of the Job Card

  • The vehicle is then test driven by the manager or senior mechanic and every attempt will be made to detect any faults. These are noted on the Job Card

  • No repairs will be done without the customer's permission

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